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Due to the cooperation among the AbrishamTech and Content team holder in the field of technology business and with the purpose of providing comprehensive and standard solutions which are ICT-based for supporting complicated businesses and with supplying the technology of smart, advanced software and hardware will result in development of costumers’ businesses. With the benefit of modern methods of known research and engineering centers of Europe, with gaining experiences on international projects; this platform is made to deliver valuable services for organizations, agencies, public and private companies.

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Advantages of AbrishamTech

  • Distinction in service
  • Accountability
  • Value creation
  • Fulfillment of obligations
  • The Integrated teamwork
  • Our working process
Some companies are governed by laws and some by hierarchy, however AbrishamTech proceeds with values. Values that are simple but fundamental, and the effectiveness that we are willing to share with our customers. These values work as our guide and navigator throughout our journey. One of the biggest purposes of this company is moving on the edge of the blade of technology by enhancing the scientific level and quality of staff and introducing modern methods to them, so as a result giving better services to the customers. This company is trying to put all the efforts on the four sections of technical, training, support and sales, so that it could preserve and promote a proper position in the ICT industry.

How work

  • Step 1st
  • Step 2nd
  • Step 3rd
  • Step 4th
  • Recognition report

    For reporting, some managers use common templates, some use organizational templates, some use project management software outputs, and some combine them.

  • Test and debug

    Debug is a bug fixing activity. We name the variables and how they are used, loops and all the structures in the program to discover and fix the cause of an error.

  • Design process

    The first step of the design process, understanding the needs of the project. Understanding the project design and objectives is a prerequisite for successful design, what is to be done in the project and what is the purpose of the project.

  • Support and Development

    Post-development software support usually includes troubleshooting and bug fixes in software projects. The contract required software to fix bugs as they arise and reported to the employer

Our Customers

And some commercial companies, petrochemical, health, pharmaceutical and therapeutic companies of Iran

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